Indica Pax Era Pod – Bloom Farms

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Indica Pax Era Pod – Bloom Farms

Indica Pax Era Pod – Bloom Farms

We are passionate believers in the healing powers of the earth’s bounty and the idea that natural methods of relieving pain, stress, relaxation and enjoyment are the least invasive, and, ultimately, the most sustainable.


The restorative powers of cannabis are well-documented, but until recently, its legal use was restricted to those with medical licenses. Fortunately, that repressive era is behind us and all adults can now safely and legally partake of cannabis. Mellow has a variety of products to help you experience the diverse benefits of this special plant, whether it’s for revelry, relaxation or recreation.

At Mellow, recreational doesn’t mean low quality. On the contrary, we take the same care to select superior products for our recreational consumers that we do for our medical patients. High-quality cannabis is simply non-negotiable at Mellow.

How to place an order with us?

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Have your valid ID ready to collect your order from the driver

Wish to get a medical recommendation card?

Mellow partners only with licensed distributors that carry lab-tested products. Lab tests are performed to detect contaminates, bacteria, and pesticides in addition to cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) percentages.

To ensure the greatest consistency, all our flower buds are maintained at optimal storage and temperature range.

All our products are procured from facilities that utilize renewable energy, efficient lighting, and lower water usage while producing the least amount of waste.

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